Services Provided
Level 0.5 Diversion/Intervention

This level of service is for individuals who, for a known reason, are at risk for developing substance-related problems or those for whom there is not yet sufficient information to document a substance use disorder. This service usually consists of the following:

  1. DUI 8 hour Alcohol Traffic Safety Class
  2. Attendance at a DUI Victims Impact Panel
  3. Breathalyzer testing prior to each of the above
Level 1: Outpatient Treatment

This level of service includes chemical dependency evaluation, treatment, and recovery services while the client continues to live and work in the community. These services are provided in regularly scheduled sessions (usually a minimum of once per week) that work to achieve the goals listed in the client's treatment plan, and to help the client achieve permanent changes in his or her alcohol / drug-using behavior and mental functioning. This level consists of one or more of the following services:

  1. Assessment
  2. Individual counseling (usually once per week) and/or
  3. Group counseling (usually once per week)
  4. Random urinalysis and/or breathalyzers
  5. Documented Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) attendance at a rate determined by the client and their primary therapist
Level 2.1: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

This level of service delivers a minimum of nine (9) outpatient hours of group counseling per week (3 hours per day on M-W-F) at times that would allow the client to maintain work, school and family involvement. This program will provide essential substance education and treatment components while allowing clients to apply their newly acquired skills in the real world. This level of service consists of:

  1. Group counseling for three (3) hours per day M-W-F
  2. Individual counseling at a frequency determined by the client and primary therapist
  3. Random urinalysis and/or breathalyzers
  4. Documented Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) attendance at a frequency of at least twice per week
Women's Intensive Outpatient Program

Pathfinder provides gender-specific, evidence-based programs for women suffering from substance use disorders. Providing for a gender-specific continuum of care reduce the barriers such as access, childcare, and housing among other things to enable substance-abusing women to foster a sober lifestyle. Gender-specific treatment models have proven a high degree of success due to the research-based strategies and attention given to women's needs in treatment and the need of children and mothers in treatment.

The programs are to give preference to clients in the following order:

  1. To pregnant injecting drug users first.
  2. To other pregnant substance abusers second.
  3. To other injecting drug users third.
  4. To all other individuals fourth.
This program can serve up to sixteen (16) women. The Women's Intensive Outpatient Program allows women to participate in treatment, yet allows them to remain with their families and continue their education and/or employment.